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Good bye.

2013-12-18 03:31:31 by Hannah

I'm gone forever, sorry. Don't try to contact me, I'm never coming back.

This "artist" really gets on my nerves.

2013-12-08 14:56:46 by Hannah

I know I have a rant account specifically for this kind of thing, but it's gotten to the point where I feel like I absolutely NEED to get the point across to everybody.


So this Instagram artist posts this thing that she made, right? Notice how the description only says "finished".​4466206_138653204113_photo.PNG-2.jpeg

There was another comment that said "did you trace this? owo" and she replied with "shh" but it got cut off.

She traced art without sourcing the original artist.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wowowowowowowowowowowow.

She's almost at one thousand motherfucking followers. 

One time, she posted this picture of Pinkie Pie's face (she looked disgusted), and the caption was, "me when u art" and I said "um" and she deleted it because she's a fucking coward.

First of all, she's way too young to have an Instagram. Which one of your parents decided to give you a smartphone/iPod/whatever in the first place? They should rethink that.

Second of all, I have NO idea how she gets to do art trades with some really good artists. I mean, yeah, her art isn't that bad, but come on. What the fuck? There are more good artists who get looked down upon and they don't get shit. Oh, wait, it's probably because she FUCKING ASKS EVERYONE TO ART TRADE WITH HER AND HER ART ISN'T EVEN THAT SPECTACULAR, AND YET PEOPLE DON'T SAY NO. They only say no because they don't want to hurt her feelings or whatever, but it's really... no.

She tries way too hard to be someone she's not and to "fit in" on Instagram and it pisses me off. She's about 4-5 years under the age limit to having an Instagram.

She acts way too cocky sometimes, and to be honest, her vectors aren't the best either. She uses the same base for everything and yet she almost has 1,000 followers and a growing fanbase.

Also, she sucks up to other artist that are her "senpais", like spikeyweed, dogfoodles, and tons of other artists. She comments "draw me senpai" on all their photos, and I just hate her so much. I don't really get her at all. She probably whines until she gets a trade.

My friend serket_savvy drew my friend's fantroll, and then the artist I'm ranting about said "oh @serket_savvy, wanna do an art trade?" Like, have the decency to comment on her photo.

I get that she's trying to improve, but she's just gotta slow down. She doesn't even shade her drawings (including the ones for her part of the trade), and I just don't get it.

Another reason people probably pit up with her is because she has a lot of followers (for some odd reason) and if someone hurts her feelings, then she'll send them after you.

It's honestly terrible that all these people with so much more talent (like pizza_wieners, _shyamette, affanita, and stardust_pony) are ignored, while this kid gets all the fame.

In all due honesty, I don't really care how old or young you are. If you decide to make an Instagram or any other social networking account on the Internet, you'd better prepare yourself because there's going to be no mercy on you if someone dislikes you. Oh, and if you give me the bullshit excuse like, "Oh, she's young, don't hate on her!", that is their repercussion for being on the Internet at a young age.

New deviantART link, guys.

2013-11-03 20:22:39 by Hannah

Yeah, I made one. I know no one ever sees my art on this site so I'll post it here.

New dA link

"Draw This Again" meme

2013-10-20 03:37:02 by Hannah

Yeah, I guess this counts.

I don't know exactly when I did the one on the left. I think it was in May or April 2013 (earlier this year). The one I timestamped is the one I did a while back. I guess I've improved quite a bit, especially with ears and design in general.

It's Kakashi Hatake as a Sonic character, I suppose. I've just gotten better, I guess, haha.

"Draw This Again" meme

Anyone who legitimately likes The Big Bang Theory is a faggot. It's literally Blackface for nerds.
The canned laughter. I don't care if they say it's in front of an audience, that laughter is forced as fuck, no matter how it makes it onto the show.
Nobody understands the fucking jokes except for the aspie-as-fuck-around-females jokes. Even if you're smart enough to actually get the jokes, they're still not funny. Most people can understand the anatomy of a joke, but no, you don't understand their fucking jokes. Stop laughing, you stupid fucks. It's not funny. You just wait for the setup, wait for the punchline (which you don't understand), then wait for the canned laughter, then join in as if you understood that shit. Weak ass show.
This show is bad and you should feel bad.

Just finished Death Note.

2013-09-08 11:18:58 by Hannah

And let me just say...

...wow. So much for a happy ending.

Just finished Death Note.

Just a doodle, yo.

2013-09-07 14:22:40 by Hannah

Got bored in French class. I fell asleep, practically. Literally, learning numbers? Seriously? This isn't first grade, jfc. I wanna learn how to ask to sleep with people (I think that would be "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?", but I'm not sure.)

Behold, me and my shit handwriting.

Just a doodle, yo.

Yay, math homework.

2013-08-31 17:40:54 by Hannah

I would post this in art but I choose not to because it doesn't really fit there, lol.

Have a picture of Protoman that I drew.

Yay, math homework.

Woohoo. I got my hair highlighted blue, as you could probably tell by the title of this news post. It took like 2 or 3 hours, but I finally got it. Wooha.

And yeah, that's a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. \m/

Got my hair highlighted blue today.

Going away for a week.

2013-08-02 15:07:44 by Hannah

Going on a Disney cruise for a week, starting today. I'm leaving the house at 1:30 PM (PST). I will not be able to talk to anybody over the Internet for that amount of time. I'll be drawing, reading Dragon Ball Z, reading Bleach, watching anime, and listening to music. Feel free to send PMs, I'll check them when I get back next Saturday!~

By the way, I've been featured on the Anarchy Club website for fanart! Check it out here!