My thoughts on The Big Bang Theory.

2013-10-15 00:38:00 by Hannah

Anyone who legitimately likes The Big Bang Theory is a faggot. It's literally Blackface for nerds.
The canned laughter. I don't care if they say it's in front of an audience, that laughter is forced as fuck, no matter how it makes it onto the show.
Nobody understands the fucking jokes except for the aspie-as-fuck-around-females jokes. Even if you're smart enough to actually get the jokes, they're still not funny. Most people can understand the anatomy of a joke, but no, you don't understand their fucking jokes. Stop laughing, you stupid fucks. It's not funny. You just wait for the setup, wait for the punchline (which you don't understand), then wait for the canned laughter, then join in as if you understood that shit. Weak ass show.
This show is bad and you should feel bad.


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2013-10-15 01:58:07

Settle down cranky pants, it's just a television show.


2013-10-15 03:34:00

Here I was thinking this would be about the actual theory, not the show. :P Took me a sentence before I realized that... and yeah, ageed, it sucks.


2013-10-15 09:27:32

Who cares, as long as it keeps the academics silent, when they should be crying bloody murder, at the rape and mismanagement of our country.


2013-10-16 23:48:48

TV's #1 Comedy Show! I tried watching a few minutes of it, didn't like it at all. The vibe I got from it made me angry for some reason.